America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Sent Through? 8/21/13
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America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Sent Through? 8/21/13

It's time to hold onto your (top) hats as we recap the America's Got Talent results show for the fifth and final week of performers from the top 60. Who will move on and who will get sent packing? Make sure not to be a shadow of your former self, and let's all find out what happened!

Here'e the full list of artists who performed last night: Sprice, Catapult Entertainment, The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, D'Angelo & Amanda, Dave Fenley, Duo Resonance, John Wing, Melody Caballerro, Ruby & Jonas, 2Unique, Sam Johnson, and Selena Mykenzie Gordon.

We thought everyone did a great job last night, but our top four faves were Catapult Entertainment, Dave Fenley, Duo Resonance, and D'Angelo & Amanda. We also enjoyed Sprice and The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale. But which four acts does America think should move on? And don't forget that two eliminated wild-card acts get to come back!

Following a performance by Train, the first acts called onstage are The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, Selena Mykenzie Gordon, and Dave Fenley. And the act going through is rocker Dave Fenley, as Mel B tells him he deserves this. No arguments here.

America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Sent Through? 8/21/13
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Next up are 2Unique, Sam Johnson, Catapult Entertainment, and Melody Caballero. And it's no major shock that the judges' universal favorite, shadow dancers Catapult Entertainment, gets the nod. Howard goes so far as to call Catapult his favorite act in the history of the show. Howard and Howie get into a little spat about whether Catapult is better than Kenichi. Can't we just agree that both acts are fab?

We get to witness the sibling rivalry head on as both youthful hoofers D'Angelo & Amanda and Ruby & Jonas are called to the stage. The dancing pair that's moving on is D'Angelo & Amanda, with D'Angelo hugging his smiling sister Ruby and saying her felt "terrible" about his sister losing. So cute! Best. Big brother. Ever.

The three remaining acts are now onstage. One gets cut first, and that's machine-maker Sprice. Now, the judges get to choose whether John Wing or Duo Resonance goes through to the semis. Heidi votes for Duo Resonance, Howie chooses John, Mel B goes John, and Howard picks John. So John Wing gets the nod!

So here are the four acts who advanced this week: Dave Fenley, Catapult Entertainment, D'Angelo & Amanda, and John Wing! Congrats to all four.

Now, it's wild card time. Immediately, Heidi uses her wild-card pick on Duo Resonance, while Mel B shockingly goes with Tone Tha Chiefrocca and his terrible unusual "B-Double-O-T-Y" song. We have three words to describe our feelings about this: Why, Mel, why?!

So four of our four picks from this week have advanced, even if one of them required a wild-card choice to do so! Not too shabby.

08.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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