Whelp, that was quick. Today, August 2, 2013, America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 premiered, with a slew of eliminations as Tyra narrowed down the (mixed-gender!) semi-finalists to the top 16 finalists — and one model voluntarily dropped out before the finalists were even picked.

Why? The model, Virgg, was a transwoman who was undergoing hormone therapy at the time of the competition. She thought she could balance both at once, but she quickly realized that the stress of the competition combined with the therapy wasn't going to work out, so, regretfully, she removed herself from the competition for the sake of her health. She was very striking, so we're disappointed we won't see more of her, but it sounds like she made the right choice.

The rest of the two-hour premiere was a mix of sob stories, sexual tension, and drama, as the men and women fought for a spot in the competition. We met wannabe models who've been homeless, who've been bullied, and, in one case, who'd been married and divorced at age 18.

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