The first two casualties of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 are finally upon us. Sadly, Bianca and Chris S. won't live to smize another day, but since it's so early in the competition, does anyone really care yet? OK, sure. We thought Bianca and Chris S. had two of the strongest faces in the competition, but ANTM isn't just about giving good face anymore. 

But it wasn't all bad news for the Cycle 20 models — just as Marvin, who, despite having zero game with the ladies, is serving up ANTM fierceness with his perfectly sculpted face and strong runway walk. (Hey, any model that can make dangling 50-feet in the air look good has our social media vote!)

However, poor, poor Jeremy. Not only is he pining after Jourdan — the pretty (albeit boring) model who was married and divorced before she could legally drink — but he's also a virgin, which is only going to lead some awkward situations when this entire house gets wasted and plays "Never Have I Ever" Real World-style. Needless to say, Jeremy and Jourdan's nudist-themed wedding photoshoot was lacking some serious chemistry — that is, until she actually cracked a smile. Here's a little word of advice, Jourdan: it's going to take a heck of a lot more than a pretty face to win this competition. 

Meanwhile, can someone explain why Alexandra is in the competition? Sure, she cleans up nicely, but she's a little too Seaside for ANTM. Don't get us wrong — she can take a great photo, but her personal style needs work. Maybe she'll benefit from Tyra's makeover. She'd look pretty fierce with a Twiggy-inspired 'do, no?

And then Chris H. and Don had a gay wedding — and it was every bit as adorable as we wanted it to be, despite Chris's initial fear. However, Chris S. served Kevin Federline realness to a tee (even though Kelly did say he kind of "looked like a lesbian") with flawless queen Renee, who totally showed everyone else up in the Guess "Walk Off a Building" runway challenge but sadly struggled with her wedding photoshoot. Surprisingly, grisly man Phil also struggled in his photoshoot and with getting social media votes, which is shocking when you consider how many girls go crazy for a man with facial hair — just ask Ke$ha! 

But no one has quite as much work to do as Chlea, who made the mistake of insulting tough judge Kelly Cutrone before her runway challenge. (Girl, are you serious?!) Sure, Tyra and Rob gave her some solid scores on her photoshoot with the oh-so-fem Cory, but Kelly wasn't impressed with her attitude (which was really more of naïveté), and gave her a 4. Ouch. You've got some work to do, Chlea!

What did you think of Bianca and Chris's eliminations? Do you agree with the judges? Who's your Cycle 20 favorite so far? Sound off in the comments!