Week 10 is underway and there were only eight top models left at the beginning of this competition. And now that there’s no chance for a comeback, it’s more important than ever to give it all in the challenge and photoshoot.

The challenge this week was a crazy underwater runway, with each model putting on a pressurized helmet, dropping 20 feet below the surface, and walking for their life. Nina was unable to complete the challenge because she has a partial lung and Don freaked out because of his extreme PTSD and claustrophobia. They had to just settle with snorkeling — which didn’t work out for them. In the end, Renee took home the prize, earning a 10 for her challenge score.

And now that the models are in Bali, they got to pose with the endangered species of the island (cheetah, toucans, orangutans, and snakes) during their animalistic photoshoot in which they became one with the wildlife.

When it came down to judging, Nina took home best photo for the week while Marvin and Don were in the bottom (and Chris barely escaped the bottom, landing in third). Marvin slightly edged Don out and lives to smize another day.

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