Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW Photo: Alexandria on ANTM April 13, 2011

So, things got awkward last week, huh? Brittani's meltdown at panel had Tyra questioning her fellow judges' decision to keep her in the game. But she is completely powerless against them and was forced to let Brittani through to the next round. The other models also let Alexandria know they can't stand her (as though she was in the dark about that) with much less consequence. The car ride back from this adventure consisted of an apology from Brittani and a hug between her and Alexandria. Sigh. Fake friendships have many ups and downs.

You're Going to Morocco! Maybe! The models meet Tyra in a dark "art gallery" where she explains via large "gold" frames the importance of a great portfolio. You have to start with a strong photo of the face and end with something fierce and memorable. Tyra then holds up the letter "C" for a most underwhelming announcement of this cycle's international destination. Each of the models opens up her portfolio to find the remaining letters of the country. Is it China? Chile? Chad? No, it's Morocco! BUT Tyra only has five seats left on her plane, and the go-sees will weigh heavily on who gets a seat on the Tyra Jet.

Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW Photo: Girls on ANTM April 13, 2011

Go-See If They Like You: Kyle Hagler swings by the house to tell the girls the 411 on the go-sees in L.A. They have four hours to make it to four stops and then meet him at Lana Marks. Anyone who arrives after 3 p.m. is disqualified, and the top three girls earn a bonus fifth go-see with Lana. Each stop represents and archetype — athletic, bombshell, girl next door, and couture — so they pack a bag with clothes to cover all of those styles and head out with their drivers and maps. Alexandria is from L.A., so she goes through the city like a ninja. Here's a breakdown of the stops:

Frankie B. Jeans (Bomshell): Alexandria, Brittani, Jaclyn, Hanna, and Kasia all make it to Frankie B. Jeans, while Molly is left in the L.A. smog. She blows that joint. Daniella Clarke of Frankie B. seems to like everybody and says she has a toothache from Jaclyn. In a good way.

House Casting (Girl Next Door): Molly gets here first and does a test commercial. House agent Rachel Williams says she needs to be friendlier. Alexandria follows Molly and does really well. Hannah and Jaclyn also make it, and Rachel thinks Jaclyn's southern accent is problematic.

Oday Shakar (Couture): Kasia impresses Oday. Brittani also makes it to this stop, and Oday thinks she has a good walk.

Smashbox Studios (Athletic): Photographer Jerry Avenaim gets mad at Molly for not bringing athletic wear, but she impresses him with her performance. Alexandria runs out to the car for a bikini, changes in the street and then kicks butt. Girl wants this.

Lana Marks (Bonus Round!): Brittani and Jaclyn head to the store with only two go-sees under their belts. They're followed by Hannah, Kasia, and Molly. Alexandria makes it back last with only thirty seconds to spare. (They all made it back on time? How boring!) Kyle Haglar announces that Molly, Alexandria, and Kasia are the top three of the day. They pose for Lana Marks with Lana Marks handbags and Alexandria is the winner. She gets a Lana Marks campaign, a gift bag with goodies from the day's designers, and a replica of the handbag Angelina Jolie carried at last year's Oscars. Everyone is really excited for her. Yeah, right.

Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW Photo: Jaclyn on ANTM April 13, 2011

It Gets Trashy: The models gather at the Olinda Alpha Landfill to pose for Nigel in Michael Cinco's spectacular couture designs made from recycled materials. Nigel thinks Kasia and Jaclyn both need to work on their facial expressions. Hannah does well once she stops second-guessing herself. Jay loves Alexandria's graceful hands and enthusiasm. Molly looks great, but has a bad attitude in between shots. Brittani lays down in the garbage to prove how badly she wants this. It pays off.

Did They Outshine the Garbage? Alexandria, in her No. 1 shirt, booked all four of the go-sees she went on. They also love her photograph. Jaclyn booked both go-sees she made it to, but it was just two altogether, so that's tough. Her arms are a little awkward in the photo. Molly only booked two of the four jobs she tried for, because some of the designers found her cold and noticed her "off" moments. Her photo is amazing, though. Kasia also booked two of four, but Tyra thinks she should have moved her body a bit more in the photo. Hannah's shot is great, but her confidence needs to catch up to her abilities. She booked two of three jobs. Brittani booked both of the two go-sees, and her photo is super editorial.

Call-out Order: Alexandria, Hannah, Kasia and Brittani. Molly and Jaclyn are the bottom two.

The L.A. Story Ends For: Jaclyn. No! Not our southern belle! We thought she could be the sleeper hit!