Credit: Twitter Photo: Allison and Her Kitten

On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars, runner-up Allison Harvard was an unforgettable force. Those enormous eyes, that magnetic pull towards The Game, and the quirky personality were just a few of Allison’s eccentric charms.

So join us in celebrating her 24th birthday! On January 8, Allison thanked all of her friends for birthday wishes via Twitter, posting this photo of what might be her favorite birthday present: a tiny, fluffy kitten. If we remember correctly, Allison is a huge fan of cats. In Cycle 17: All-Stars, Episode 12: “Tyson Beckford,” we saw Allison posing as a large cat, somehow as a way of portraying Ty Ty’s alter ego Tookie from Modelland.

If you have any spare cash to spend, and you want to purchase your very own piece of ANTM mythology, consider visiting  Allison’s Etsy page, where her oil drawings of sad ladies are plentiful.

Happy belated 24th birthday, Allison!

Source: Twitter

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