Credit: London Entertainment / Splash Photo: Tyra Banks' Craziest Faces on Extra on September 14, 2011: #1

Before the cast of modelstants for America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 18 was even announced, Tyra Banks and her team of scouts were already casting for Cycle 19.

Now, Variety reports that Cycle 19 has a brand new theme too. “The Tyra Banks modeling showcase will be back for a college-edition version of the series.”

Two thoughts: 1) We wonder if Tyra or the modelstants themselves will divide into sub-categories, like Ivy League v. State Schools, or Southern Schools v. New England; and 2) Will every upcoming cycle of the 9-year-old show have a theme like this?

Before we can even begin to process Cycle 19, which is reportedly “set for the fall,” we have the premiere of ANTM Cycle 18 to look forward to!

Make sure to tune in to the ANTM Cycle 18 premiere on Wednesday, February 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Source: Variety

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