Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. Photo: Molly on ANTM May 4, 2011

Good golly, Miss Molly, indeed. Molly was kinda peeved when she stumbled on her dress during the tea tray dance on America's Next Top Model Cycle 16, Episode 10 (May 4, 2011), but she took that anger to new, unexplored heights when she complained that Alexandria's flat head was an unfair advantage in the challenge (really?), and then insisted the challenge didn't mean anything at all after coming in last place. We understand that things can get heated in competitive events (we have a friend we'll never bowl with again), but Molly's attitude was a dark cloud over her top photo win. It's kind of like giving a crying kid a piece of candy. Part of you is happy when the crying stops, but the other half is thinking, "You got upset over this?"