Credit: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Photo: Raina Hein, Cycle 14

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 runner-up Raina Hein is the star of Bon Iver's ‘80s-tastic music video for their new single, "Calgary." Let us clarify: The video is ‘80s-tastic — not the song. The song is the same mellow, smooth indie folk that Bon Iver fans have come to know and love from the band, but the music vid for their dreamy single "Calgary," off their upcoming self-titled sophmore album, is an awesome homage to all ‘80s fantasy flicks set in the woods.

After the opening shot of Raina tossing and turning in bed beneath a sheer nightgown, she falls through smoke a la A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors into a forest that's part-Never Ending Story, part-Labyrinth, and part-Princess Bride inspired. From there it's a typical girl-meets-boy, girl and boy frolic through the bog, girl and boy have a Viking funeral pyre for a couple of rocks kind of story. You know, the usual.

We're totally impressed, though, that this kooky, subtle, ethereal performance for an ultra-hip indie band's music vid came from an ANTM winner! Way to earn you and your kind some street cred, Raina.

Source: VH1

Credit: Bon Iver via YouTube Photo: Watch! Bon Iver's “Calgary” Video Starring ANTM's Raina Hein