Credit: Vincent Peters Photo: Ann Ward Looks Gorg in Vogue May 2011

We all saw the wackadoo, orange-wigged, red lipsticked, purple-eye-shadowed, bathtub photo shoot pictures Ann did for her Vogue Italia editorial spread, but we've just caught glimpses of her Beauty In Vogue May supplement, and, dare we say it, she actually looks like a model.

Granted, the shots are all in gray scale and softly lit, but Ann doesn't look awkward, bizarrely proportioned, in pain, or otherwise facially severe in a single picture. Her eyebrows are luxuriously thick and gorgeous (we've been known to like a girl with a strong brow), her pout is pristine, and she pulls off model 'tude pretty decently in all the shots. Yeah, she does lots of typical, modelly pouting and frowning, but from Ann, we'll take it; anything that masks her cringe-worthy awkwardness is a major delight.

Also, it looks like the fashionistas over at Vogue Italia deemed it a good idea to dye Ann's locks several shades darker to a chocolatey-brown color, and it looks AWESOME on her. Why didn't Tyra think of that during makeovers? It sets off a gorge contrast to her pale complexion and newly-full brows.

Maybe someone can make a model out of Ann yet. Or it was all a total fluke expertly achieved with lighting and black-and-white shots. Whichever.

Source: New York Magazine

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch! ANTM Cycle 15 Winner Ann Ward's Vogue Italia Photo Shoot