Credit: Sarah Silver/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Pottle Productions Inc. Photo: Dominique and Kayla on America's Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 3

Who else is traumatized that Life Coach To The Plebes, Andre Leon Talley, is leaving the frightening world of ANTM behind him? In honor of his legacy, we’re saluting his own personal drekitude moment from Cycle 17, Episode 3: Kayla’s Toochless Booty!

To quote Andre, drekitude “could be that you’re standing wrong,” and Kayla was standing all kinds of wrong in last week’s episode. Andre was so disturbed by her poor stilt posture and unremarkable pose that he suggested they Photoshop her out of the picture entirely, leaving Dominique looking like a drag queen all on her lonesome.

“This could be in my salohhn!” Andre cried, “With Kayla airbrushed out.”

Obviously, the biggest problem with Kayla’s picture was that she didn’t tooch her booty. Seriously, the fact that this girl thought it was acceptable to get in front of a camera and not pop her butt is criminal.

GTFO of Tyra’s House of Pain if you can’t play the game, girlfriend.

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