Credit: Michael Desmond/The CW ©2011 Photo: Shannon on ANTM Cycle 17 Premiere

As America's Next Top Model judge and Vogue Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley eloquently said, “Drekitude is the lowest point in the lowest ebb. It could be your look. It could be your shoes. It could be that you're standing wrong. Drek is a total, total, total hot mess.”

Considering that every second of ANTM is a total, total, total hot mess, it’s always hard to decide on the most drek moment of the week. During last Wednesday's premiere episode, Andre himself muttered something about how drekeliscious Bre’s photo was, but clearly his giant poncho blinded him from the truth.

Was Bre the one crying into her cleavage next to a swimming pool after being questioned about her “modest” clothing choice? Nope. That was good girl Shannon Stewart.

Clearly, Shannon’s refusal to wear underwear left her with no choice but to rock tiny white bikini bottoms.Her odd clothing choice (and subsequent defense of her clothing coice) were wrong in our eyes for 3 reasons: 1) They didn’t match her lace top. 2) They didn’t match the giant poofs on her shoulders that we assume were “angel wings.” 3) They showed even more of her lady bits than the undies, and we’re pretty sure teenage pervs the world over now have a pretty good idea of what she looks like naked.

In other words: Total drek.

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