The America’s Next Top ModelBritish Invasion makeovers are gonna be so fierce they have been re-dubbed “takeovers.” It sounds scary.

As ANTM host/creator Tyra Banks told People, "One girl will get pink hair, another girl will have half her head shaved off. Another girl got 'America's Next Top Model' shaved into her scalp... There will be tears, emotion, and some girls will be pissed off. You can only imagine a girl finding out she's getting half her head shaved."

Ah, drama. Who cares what makes sense for the modeling world when there are reality TV ratings to consider. Still, "America’s Next Top Model" is a lot to put on one head. Will they just shorten it to "ANTM" or "Top Model"…or "Pot Ledom"?

Tyra gave some other teasers about the new season, including a warning to watch out for American wild child Laura. "She's a crazy, in-your-face girl," Tyra said. "She actually has 'pirate' tattooed inside her lip." Arrrrrrr you serious? That’s whack.

Read the full story for more scoopage from Tyra.

ANTM airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW.

Source: People

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