We have a sensitive soul coming our way on America's Next Top Model Cycle 19. Blogger Bryanboy has joined the ANTM team as a “social media correspondent” for the college-themed season and judge Kelly Cutrone seems happy with her new co-panelist — although they sound very different.

“He’s great,” Kelly told the New York Observer. “He cares so much about the contestants, he cries whenever someone is booted off.” Um, great! “He’s not sobbing or anything,” Kelly clarified. “It’s not like he spends the whole show crying. He just tears up when they have to go.”

Aww! Yeah, that won’t last. He’ll toughen up soon. No one can work with Tyra Banks or Kelly Cutrone for very long without either developing thick skin or walking out in a huff. (Just ask Cycle 18’s Louise Watts and Alisha White.) Still, it’s nice to hear Cycle 19’s modelstants have someone looking out for them, now that Jay Manuel, J. Alexander and Nigel Barker are no longer around for support.

Source: New York Observer

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