Anti-smoking group the American Legacy Foundation conducted a study of the most popular primetime TV shows among kids age 12-17, and most of them featured a high amount of tobacco use. But, none nearly as much as America's Next Top Model. Well, duh, how do you think the modeltestants stay so skinny?

73 episodes total were watched of Family Guy, American Dad, House, The Simpsons, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, and, of course, America's Next Top Model. Of those shows, ANTM had a whopping 157 depictions of tobacco use. American Dad came in second with 57. Granted, Top Model is reality TV, and, we suppose, the reality of young girls dealing with stress and trying to stay trim is that they smoke a lot, but to nearly triple the second runner up?

Longtime ANTM fans may remember that in Cycle 9, Tyra banned contestants from smoking, saying that it set a bad example for the young women watching the show. But obviously that ban only lasted for one cycle.

Way to send a message, Ty-Ty...

Source: TV Week