Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Ann Walks the Runway
Surprise Smize
We think the surprise in this episode was supposed to be Ann’s near elimination, but really, her bottom two ranking isn’t all that shocking, nor is the fact that she’s still safe. Just as Chris won for being the most comfortable speaking in front of a crown, Ann almost lost because she’s the most uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd. It wasn’t exactly nail-biting suspense.

Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Jane's a Natural on Skates
H2T Water might not be a real product, but it had a very real effect on the balance of power. Here are the Power Rankings for Cycle 15, Episode 8.

The Top 3

3. Chelsey. Chelsey transformed in this episode from a Top Model contestant to an old modeling workhorse — the girl who books shows, delivers the goods, but never snags a cover. She won the Zac Posen runway challenge, but we haven’t decided if the designer’s shrugging final analysis is promising or foreboding: “I could paint her face on, send her out, and I know she’s not going to fall, and I know she’s going to sell it fine.”

2. Jane. Here’s Tyra’s professional opinion of Jane: “She has a fantastic look. I could see her on a runway, I could see her on the cover of amazing magazines. But I don’t know if she’d ever get that opportunity, because the personality is kind of like rerrghh.”  We know Jane doesn’t have Chris’s bubbly effervescence, but she has a very dry sense of humor that we’re appreciating more each week. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that quality comes in handy when you find yourself shooting a commercial about fake energy water. Will it get her to the finale? Who knows? Got her second place this week.

1. Chris. Just like the judges, we want to applaud Chris for making the most of the ridiculous commercial. (Pink water doesn’t help your skating, but a shirtless man appears.) Since the theme of the episode was Personality! and Chris is the only one left whose greatest strength is just that, she held all the power. And as Zac Posen put it, “You know, I wanted to roller skate with you.”
Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Jane and Liz Skate in Style
The Next to Go?
In this preview, we see the girls scream and go to Italy, where they take a meeting with Missoni “that has Ann hanging on a thread.” How many previews now have hinted that Ann might be the next to go? We’re going to guess Liz, only because people who complain a lot usually don’t travel well.  

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