Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. Photo: Jaclyn Gets a Lesson From Mr. Jay, ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 1

The Cycle 16 premiere was about getting real, but whatever catch phrase-y thing the judges and contestants are busy doing, we know they'll always find the time to say something that makes us laugh, think, or blink uncontrollably. Like the tides, we can count on them. Here are 7 of our favorites from last night.

7. Tyra: That’s Kasia, a plus-sized model, but what I prefer to call "fiercely real."

Yup, "fierce" has some mileage left in it...

6. Nigel (at panel): I see cat’s bottom mouths all the time.

Ew, what?

5. Tyra (dressed as a Goth contestant): I’m not a cookie cutter. I cut the cookies, and I’ll cut you.


4. Tyra: I am paying homage to high fashion right now by sporting the lovely Andre Leon Talley on my body, and he feels so good.

OK, stop...stop! That’s like, Uncle Andre.

3. Miss J: You all walked as though you were on an overdose of Viagra.

Stuck in a plastic bubble on an overdose of Viagra? That's hellish.

2. Dominique (on the runway show): Wheeled us out of this big ass bubble looking like a f***in’ gerbil.

Pretty much the complete creative concept.

1. Jaclyn: What if they can’t get it open and I’m stuck in that bubble for the rest of my life? Like, that went through my head a million times.

Jaclyn has to stick around for the sake of these lists.


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