Allison Harvard finally won something! Sort of! The rightful almost winner of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars was named to Stylecaster’s list of "50 Most Stylish New Yorkers 2012." Allison is listed as “artist” — with no mention of her Top Model history — alongside her boyfriend, photographer Zachary Chick.

In her little Q&A, Allison was asked about any fashion guilty pleasures or recent indulgences. She answered, "JanSport backpacks! I am a bit like a hermit crab. I move from purse to purse so quickly, but I can fit so many things inside of a backpack!"

She's like a hermit crab? We thought Creepy Chan loved cats and looked cute as a baby bird.  

Anyway, check out the full slideshow of NYC’s most stylish and try not to mind that they included a baby.

Sources: The Fashion Spot, Stylecaster

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