Credit: The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Chelsey CoverGirl Shot
"I think i have the whole package of what it takes to be America's Next Top Model and I don't think Ann does," Chelsey cried to America after Ann was announced as the winner. We feel for you, Chels. You wanted it so so so bad, almost too bad. You had a good run. And your runway walk was fierce at the Cavalli show.

Power Points
  • The ability to book and re-book. Zac Posen, Nigel, and Kyle Hagler have each said Chelsey would get work.
  • Knowledge of the industry. Chelsey mentioned saving up to buy Vogue and had previous modeling experience in New York and Los Angeles. She was also the only one who had been on a go-see before.
  • Consistency. Though she was near the bottom with the Matthew Rolston seafood-diamond shoot, she’s either played the middle or come close to the top each week. She also won two challenges (Zac Posen runway show and go-sees).

Points of Weakness
  • Too commercial. While being able to do “everything” is great, they wanted someone specifically for Vogue Italia. (There were other prizes, too, but let’s be serious).
  • Great expectations. Tyra said that Chelsey’s photos were “really good, not kickass,” and because of this, her pre-show modeling experience actually may have hurt her.
  • Uncomfortable facts. The judges always really, really liked Chelsey, but they were never dizzy in love.