ANTM Cycle 8 contestant Sarah VonderHaar dished to TheCelebrityCafe in a recent phone interview about everything from her ANTM days to her passion for motivational speaking. According to this interview, she’s way more than the typical Top Model alum with peroxide blonde hair and a fierce walk. She’s just released her sophomore album “P.D.L.” (her hip abbrev for “Pretty Damn Lucky”) and has plans to tour the East Coast promoting it after her Chicago release party last weekend. And if singer/model wasn’t ambitious enough, how about adding photographer/documentarian to her resume? She has some pretty big aspirations to document the joys of life on the road (apparently, anyone who hasn’t been to Kearney, Nebraska is seriously missing out), “but it’s just finding time in between everything to be able to do that [put together a documentary],” she says.

Check out the interview for more about her influences, how she broke into the music biz pre-ANTM, and a pretty genuinely heartwarming story about speaking out to middle and high school students about following their dreams. You’ve gotta love a Top Model with a heart of gold.

Source: TheCelebrityCafe


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