Is the NFL afraid of big, beautiful women? Size-ist, if you will?

That’s what America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson is alleging, claiming that a 30-second Super Bowl ad for her plus-size dating website,, was rejected by NFL host network NBC.

In a press release, Whitney claims that NBC wrote her a “rejection email” that read: "Unfortunately it needs to be completely reworked for our air. S&P [Standards and Practices] wouldn't approve it."

As AdAge notes, companies often stir up controversy (and attention) by claiming that their advertisements were rejected for a spot during the Superbowl, “when the truth is it never had a shot.” Watch the ad for yourself below and tell us what you think — is it really too racy for the cheerleader-friendly Super Bowl?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: ANTM Winner Whitney Thompson's Commercial


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