Credit: Miguel Starcevich/Pottle Productions Inc Photo: Mikaela's Photo on ANTM April 6, 2011

So clearly, Mikaela's number was up on America's Next Top Model. She barely edged out Monique last week, and her smizing abilities weren't consistent enough for Tyra's liking. It seemed entirely fair and predictable that she go home for not conveying a crazy love of sales in front of the Bates Motel (er, right?). And then Brittani happened.

Let's pretend for a second that Brittani and Alexandria never had an argument, and Brittani wasn't reprimanded for her lack of sportsmanship. Her shoe obsession photo — kind of haunting, but not exactly stellar — might have gotten her third to last over Alexandria. And even if she still fell in the bottom two, there wouldn't have been much suspense. Whatever she's thinking or not thinking, Brittani's a good model, and much more consistent than Mikaela. But how effusive were the judges really going to be about her photo when she returned to the stage after all the drama had gone down? "I'm having a panic attack. I really can't TA-lk," Brittani gasped. Well, it didn't really matter, Britt. Your photo was completely irrelevant at that point.       

In fact, Brittani herself was pretty much irrelevant. It wasn't about what she did, but about how Tyra felt about what she did, and even more about how Tyra's feelings sometimes don't matter. She gets outvoted, guys. It really happens. Remember Toccara? Ultimately, this all seemed to be a vehicle for us to see that Tyra is not the all-powerful ruler and to create some suspense where there wasn't any. Andre, Eric, and Nigel voted for Brittani to stay because she's a better model. Nigel actually witnessed the fight and thought she should stick around.

Brittani's actions were unprofessional and kind of immature, but she threw Tyra a softball and the boss swung for the fences. When she said, "Brittani, I have a serious issue with how these judges voted," we were reminded that the flair for the dramatic starts at the top. Poor Mikaela. She went home, remember?


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