Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW ©2011 The CW Network Photo: Tyra and Andre at the Judges Panel on ANTM March 23, 2011

Was America’s Next Top Model judge Andre Leon Talley kicked off the show, or did he leave on his own? According to the NY Post, Tyra Banks is saying the two competing divas behind the ANTM judges’ panel are going to remain cordial, and may even team up professionally again: “I still love Andre. He’s so fantastic. Hopefully I can do some more stuff with him since I have a production company. There are certain projects that I think he would be amazing in.”

Oddly, Ty-Ty sounds less like someone eager to work with a friend, and more like someone eager to promote her own side projects, not to mention her new judge/BFF Kelly Cutrone. Then again, as we reported last week, Andre is launching new projects of his own (including presiding over the most recent Manolo Blahnik stampede known as the sample sale).

Judging from their judge-y behavior in the last few episodes, we sense more animosity than Tyra is letting on — Andre barely got a word in during the music video judging from Episode 8: “Game”! We’ll be watching you both at this week’s Episode 9: “Nikos Papadopoulos” judges’ table.

Source: NY Post

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