Normally when someone has a triumph-over-adversity moment on America's Next Top Model it’s celebrated as an example of their strength. But on the ANTM Cycle 18 finale, Laura LaFrate’s panic attack just seemed to scare off the judges.

After Laura collapsed, went to the hospital, and returned to finish her CoverGirl shoot, Mr. Jay Manuel (we’ll miss you!) said it showed she can push through anything in the business. But Tyra Banks was worried because a panic attack isn’t just someone freaking out or getting nervous for a few minutes then pulling it together. It was a big deal — Laura had to seek medical attention and return another day to finish the shoot. The Sexy Nigel Barker (we’ll miss you too!) said in the real world of modeling, Laura would’ve just been replaced. Unless you’re a supermodel, you’re expendable.

Do you think the panic attack sent the judges into a panic about Laura’s ability to handle pressure or was Sophie Sumner going to win anyway and the panic attack was just something that happened, but didn’t affect the outcome?


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Gina Carbone is a contributing writer at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @ginacarbone.