Credit: Keith Major/CW ©2010 CW Network Photo: Lexie Tomcheck's Makeover

Remember America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 contestant Lexie Tomchek? Sadly, Lexie was in a car accident last year — and now she's suing.

TMZ reports that Lexie filed legal documents in the L.A. County Superior Court recently, alleging that a bus driver named Narciso Ayala took an illegal right turn, hitting Lexie's car. The accident, the documents claim, "caused serious and permanent injuries."

Lexie's lawyers told TMZ that Lexie wants "unspecified damages, exceeding $25,000." The money would cover the obvious hospital and medical bills, and also factors in lost wages, as Lexie claims the accident hurt her career.

We just hope Lexie's okay.

Source: TMZ

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