Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Photo: Eric Daman on ANTM

Costume designer Eric Daman is the guest judge this Wednesday, April 6, 2011 on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 7, and it looks like he picked a good night. First, a shoot with the models at Universal Studios, and then the Brittani meltdown at panel. Which was the more thrilling environment? We wonder.

Eric is the costume designer for Gossip Girl and won an Emmy for his work as assistant designer on Sex and the City. So basically, he’s had his hands on some of the most enviable television fashions of the last decade. Eric is also the Creative Consultant for Charlotte Russe (who hasn’t dropped a few bucks there?), and wrote the book You Know You Want It: Style – Inspiration – Confidence.

In an interview with Wetpaint, Eric said of his teenage years, “There was definitely a little bit of angst because I was in the suburbs wearing parachute pants with orange hair.” Don’t write this off as history just yet. It’s fashion — anything can come back. 


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