Credit: Photo via Ann Ward's Facebook Photo: Ann Ward Walks the Runway

If you haven't caught Ann Ward's, um, vivid, Vogue Italia spread in the March issue, you're missing out on a very colorful portrayal of the America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 winner. Decked out in a mask of heavy makeup, a bright orange wig, and everything from a fuchsia polka dotted mini-dress to a pair of metallic purple booties, Ann smizes her face off in the disco-inspired editorial spread.

She's sporting Pinko by Mark Fast threads from his Spring 2011 collection, which was inspired by Studio 54. Unfortunately, fashionistas seem to think Ann's eye-offending makeup palette and Modeling 101 poses make it very clear that she's only in Italian Vogue because she won a contest — not because she's of a modeling caliber worthy of earning a spot in the prestigious pages. One blogger even commented, "The editorial feels like an extension of an ANTM photoshoot — bad over-the-top wigs, too much makeup, and complete disconnect from current fashion reality."

Yikes. What must Tyra think of this drekitude (although, she penned Ann's article in the mag)? Is ANTM just embarrassing its winners by throwing them into a high fashion magazine before they're ready, instead of letting them work their way to the top to earn it?

Source: Fashion Lover


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