Credit: Katy Winn/Getty Photo: Miss J. Goes Dramatic at Fashion Week, Day 5


During a November 2009 appearance on The Tyra Banks Show, runway coach and America's Next Top Model judge J. Alexander explained that it didn’t take long for him to realize his sexual orientation.

“Once I came out of the uterus, I was already out,” he said. It wasn’t exactly a surprising revelation to his mother, either. She was the one, in fact, who brought it up rather casually while they were watching the Gay Pride Parade together on television: “You are, aren’t you?”

Her reaction is a good lesson to any parent having a similar conversation with their son or daughter. “You’re still my child, I still love you, it doesn’t change anything,” she said. “Just have respect for young, black, white, green, purple, and blue. Because manners will carry you where money cannot.” Miss was raised by a good Mrs.


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