Hello, controversy! Ex-America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson has had a fraught relationship with ANTM ever since she left, and now she's lashing out at the show, big time.

In this interview with Film On, Janice did not hold back her criticisms of Tyra and the show.

"There was a way I experienced being on that show, being conned, thinking that I was actually helping judge a TV franchise, that actually my say had any impute,” Janice says. “But it really didn't."

Wait, what? A judge's judgment didn't matter at all? "Cover Girl are the people that choose the model," Janice explains. "Not any of the judges, not what Tyra says. It's who Cover Girl thinks should win." 

Um, is she saying nothing that happens on the show actually matters? "Definitely on Tyra's show, it's rigged."

Talk about damning criticism! Do you believe her? Check out the whole interview, then share your thoughts on Janice's controversial opinions at our Facebook page.

Credit: Film On Photo: Watch: Janice Dickinson Slams ANTM, Says Cover Girl Chooses the Winner