Credit: Stuart Wilson/ Getty Images Photo: Janice Dickinson Rehab

Janice Dickinson is no stranger to the perils of addiction, appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew last season. She revealed at the Playboy TV for 2 kickoff party that Amy Winehouse actually contacted both her and Dr. Drew in the weeks leading up to her death in a desperate attempt to break her cycle of addiction.

"Amy tried to contact me a few weeks ago and she wanted to be sober," Janice said. She went on to speculate that Amy had used the same amount of drugs and alcohol after leaving rehab as she had been used to doing pre-rehab, which her body couldn't handle in its detoxed state. "She took a bunch of drugs and alcohol — she OD'd," Janice concluded.

Whether or not that's true, considering that Amy's autopsy findings were inconclusive, we admire Janice for advising the troubled singer.

Source: The Insider