Credit: Jay Manuel's Twitter Photo: Jay Manuel at Mystery Location

In a Project Runway-esque series of web videos, America's Next Top Model coach Jay Manuel hosts a competition to dress the next "Oscar Girl," aka, the awards escort.

In the Oscar Designer Challenge 2011 on the official Oscars website, you get to watch nine up-and-coming designers go head-to-head in an effort to have their gown chosen to be seen on stage at the Oscars. Also like Project Runway, the model the winning designer has chosen will be the lucky Oscar Girl on the big night. Fans vote on their fave gown, as Mr. Jay hosts daily webisodes following the designers' journeys to Oscar night.

Since the fan favorite is crowned the winner, we can finally see what America really prefers — high fashion or commercial glam. Plus, in at least one fashion case, you can avoid the urge to reach through the TV and shake a girl while screaming "What is she wearing?!"

Source: Time


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