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New America’s Next Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone may be playing the role of the judge who tells it like it is, but based on this interview with the Wall Street Journal, she is full of positive and inspiring advice for models as well.

She says that being a successful modelstant on ANTM is all about “what people do with a bad day or a bad shot or a bad moment.” She says models shouldn't “let your mind get the best of you," because that's what leads to be results on the show.

She may be referring to Ashley (from the UK), who broke down after a poor performance as Princess Diana in the premiere (Cycle 18, Episode 1). Or Laura, who began her judges’ panel by saying how  badly she thought she did, before the judges had even seen her photo.

As Kelly says, the best way to handle life taking “a bite out of your ass” is to “go from worrier to warrior.” That’s good advice for all the modelstants, and even for us non-models!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Kelly Cutrone Dishes on ANTM Dos and Don'ts

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