Credit: Baldomero Fernandez/Pottle Productions Inc Photo: Alexandria's Leopard Pic on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5

Beautiful, yes, but not exactly easy and breezy. Check out what happened when the Cover Girls went wild on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5 (March 23, 2011).

Alexandria Drama, Continued: It's like we never left, right? Alexandria Everett bemoans being painted as the villain. Then she freaks out over a towel and mocks Hannah's vocabulary. Monique predicts that everyone is talking about Alexandria in their confessionals, and then magically we see one by one that they’re doing just that. Meanwhile, Molly’s got a rash now from her weave. Really? Can we officially call it a day on this weave?

“They’re Fighting Like Dogs and Cats!”: Time for a Cover Girl challenge. The models are divided into teams of three to film “Get the Look” videos with special focus on Natureluxe silk foundation. Each model picks a piece of paper to determine whether she will be the director, the writer or the talent in her respective group.  Here’s the breakdown. Team 1, Night/Red Carpet Look: Kasia (writer), Brittani (director), and Mikaela (talent). Team 2, Bold/Colorful Eyes: Dalya (talent), Jaclyn (writer), and Hannah (director). Team 3, Daytime/Casual: Alexandria (talent), Monique (director), and Molly (writer). With Alexandria as the talent, there are a few issues, mainly because she seems to think an effective memory tool is yelling at Molly and Monique to do their jobs.

Mikaela drops the f-bomb about 50 times during the shoot, but she delivers a well-scripted performance for Team 1. Jay says it’s relatable. Dalya is up for Team 2, and it seems more like awkward improv than a rehearsed script. Jay likes that it’s conversational, but feels it’s uninformative. And then there’s Team 3. Alexandria yells “action!” to herself throughout the performance, but Jay praises Monique’s ability to keep it together while directing her. Team 1 wins, and their video will be posted on the Cover Girl site.

Dear Diary, Today I Will Become a More Sympathetic Character: It’s back to the house, and Alexandria chats with her boyfriend about how she’s misunderstood. There’s a sad confessional scene where she explains that her parents split up because of abuse and she felt responsible for her siblings. She thinks if the other girls knew that, they’d understand her need to make things better. Meanwhile, the rest of the house discusses a.) whether  Alexandria’s on medication and b.) whether or not she likes them. Monique comes up with the idea of looking in Alexandria’s diary, and a few of the girls half-heartedly protest. She yells out entries from the diary and finds that Alexandria didn’t really write anything about them at all, just that she felt like a loner in the group. Monique feels bad, and she should.

Credit: Baldomero Fernandez/Pottle Productions Inc Photo: Hannah's Leopard Pic on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5

“Look Guys, I Got a Little Baby Jaguar”: The models head to the L.A. Zoo where they pose as fashion versions of animals in faux fur vests from Rachel Zoe’s line. They get to work with Murato, a baby jaguar. He’s precious, to say the least. Hannah, Brittani, Jaclyn, and Monique all do really well. Jay thinks Dalya is pulling Modeling 101 moves, that Mikaela didn’t really model, and that Kasia is a little awkward. Molly complains about going second to last because Murato is tired and cranky at that point, but Jay thinks Molly just lacked that cat-like quality Murato has naturally. Alexandria barks during her shoot, and everyone is like, “Why are you barking?”   

Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW ©2011 The CW Network Photo: Rachel Zoe Guest Judges on ANTM March 23, 2011

The Other Rachel Zoe Project: The judges love Jaclyn’s '80’s vibe, but Tyra is a little concerned that her face of ecstasy combined with a hidden hand might be a little suspect. “Yes, ma’am!” she says. Mikaela has a great eyes in the shot, but needs  to work on creating more tension. Molly’s hand is the focus of the shot (oddly enough), and she looks a little sleepy. Monique is striking and confident. Rachel Zoe says she feared Kasia would photograph inexpensive (ouch!) but she made it editorial. Nigel says Dalya looks like she’s going to cry in her shot, and they all agree it lacks a certain, well, model quality. They’re mad for Brittani’s shot and want to buy the product. Alexandria’s “roar” face doesn’t impress Andre, who feels that without the jaguar it would look silly. Well, yeah. Everyone flips out over Hannah’s photo, and Rachel doesn’t even care that you can’t see her vest in it.

Call-out Order: Hannah, Brittani, Jaclyn, Monique, Alexandria, Kasia and Mikaela. Molly and Dalya are the bottom two. Tyra says Molly can’t blame the weave, and Dalya is standing in her own way.

The L.A. Story Ends For: Dalya. She agrees that she was her own biggest obstacle. In other news, Molly’s weave is coming out, hopefully to be followed by a ceremonial burning.