Credit: ©2009 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox

Anyone who watches a mascara commercial, or glimpses a mascara ad in a magazine, knows real eyelashes don't look like that — no matter how boss your mascara is. Even so, Nicole Fox, winner of Top Model Cycle 13, has found herself embroiled in a mascara controversy.

Her CoverGirl ad for their LashBlast mascara is on blast from women’s interest blog Jezebel. As they noted, the (very) fine print at the bottom of the ad reads, "Lash inserts were applied to both of Nicole's lashes to add lash count before applying mascara."

Well, duh, but Jezebel's beef is with the advertising scheme. The beauty shot of Nicole features one eye with clumpy lashes, and one with a pristine set of lashes that would make any drag queen green with envy. The ad reads: "Is your volume true? Or false? LastBlast gives you true volume. If your mascara promises volume but delivers clumps — that's false! True volume comes from our big brush, not from big clumps. Try LastBlast Volume for yourself. You may never go 'false' again."

So, of course, the fierce ladies of Jezebel are all, "Wait, you're using fake lashes to advertise not needing fake lashes? Shenanigans!" (We’re paraphrasing — you get the picture.) Apparently, it's not false advertising, because CoverGirl inserted a disclaimer, but we understand Jezebel's complaint — it does feel pretty shady.

In conclusion, don't be naive enough to think that your eyelashes are going to look exactly the way they look in a fake, photoshopped, cropped, zoomed, altered photograph of a model who had a team of makeup artists spending two hours just on her eyes. Just get a nice set of falsies and you’ll be good to go.

Source: Jezebel