Credit: Marcus Brooks/Courtesy of Nigel Barker LLC Photo: For the Nigels in Your Life

Noted fashion photographer and dreamiest of the ANTM judges, Nigel Barker, is also among the more involved activists on the judging panel. One cause near and dear to his heart is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), specifically their campaign to prevent the slaughter of baby seals by the Canadian Seafood Industry.

Fishermen on Canada's east coast who make their living catching and selling seafood are also slaughtering baby seals to make extra cash. "It's a fact that the seals are killed when they're 12 days old. That's not a myth," says Nigel of the inhumane practice.

So, he's teamed up with HSUS and some of the top chefs in Washington DC to take a stand against the Canadian Seafood Industry, which enables their fishermen to participate in the slaughter. The chefs he gathered for a photo shoot all committed to boycott Canadian seafood products until something was done about the seal slaughter.

Nigel has had the opportunity to photograph the baby seals in their natural habitat, and he's deeply committed to rescuing them from the hands of greedy fishermen.

He implores fans to help end the seal hunt by signing the pledge here.

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