At first, Nigel Barker didn't sound too pleased to be dumped from America's Next Top Model — along with Jay Manuel and J. Alexander — after 18 seasons on the show.

But several months have passed since the post-Cycle 18 cyclone, and the sexy noted fashion photographer now has a similar-sounding job on a very similar-sounding show called The Face. So he's doing fine and he's not holding a grudge against Tyra or the show that let him go in the hopes of boosting ratings.

“I know it was tough on [Tyra] as well," Nigel told Page Six. "It’s never easy to fire someone, least of all, of course, a friend. At the same time, this is business and things change. She’s a good girl, a strong woman, and she’s done a lot with her life.”

Nigel said the bottom line is "I'm happy for her." In fact, he said he's still watching ANTM. Hmm. We wonder what he thinks about that hunting trophy photo shoot and Victoria's special connection to her mom...

Source: New York Post

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