Credit: ©2009 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox

Okay, we use the term "acting debut" loosely, here, although, not as loosely as America's Next Top Model does when the hopefuls "act" in their Cover Girl commercials. You know the upcoming Thor flick Marvel Comics is releasing with Anthony Hopkins as Odin? Yeah, that's not the Thor ANTM Cycle 13 winner Nicole Fox is acting in. Instead, she's making her acting debut in The Asylum's "mockbuster" (and, may we add, straight to video release of) Almighty Thor.

Fox's role in the spoof is that of "Redheaded Norn." In Norse mythology, a norn is a female being with the power to control the destiny of gods and men. Well, it's not quite Tyra Banks' role in Coyote Ugly, but at least the Top Model is landing acting gigs with her gorgeousness.

Source: Dread Central

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