Credit: Ivano Grasso/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Ann Poses in Pink

It looks like Ann Ward's ANTM winnings — an IMG contract — finally coaxed her out of Texas. After spending the holidays with her family, she tweeted in January, "I'm a new yorker now. Yayyy. Hangin out with the ivy league, pony owning princess Jane. Ugh." Ha! Well, we're pretty sure girls who snag Vogue Italia covers can probably afford to buy ponies of their own, no?

Yes, lucky for Ann, her fellow modeltestant and on-screen BFF, Jane, attends Princeton in New Jersey, just a short train ride away from Ann's new hometown. How will Ann adjust to the New York City after being raised in Texas? Well, a 6'2" girl isn't quite so jaw-dropping in the Big Apple (especially now that the city is being inundated with alien-esque creatures posing as models, hellooo Fashion Week!), so hopefully, she'll learn to be a bit more comfortable in her own skin. Keep your eyes peeled for a sighting, NYC ANTM fans!

Source: Twitter


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