Credit: Miguel Starcevich/Pottle Productions Inc Photo: Jaclyn's Photo on ANTM April 6, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 7 (April 6, 2011) begins with Alexandria Everett taking a nice relaxing bubble bath to wash away all the crap everyone’s talking about her in the other room. There’s a montage of her most awful moments to drive the point home, and to be honest, they’re not really that bad, especially for TV. In more important news, the girls each get a bag of Ford-sponsored Warriors in Pink gear in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s fight against breast cancer. So there’s a little levity.

When a Dove Cries: The models meet with Nigel at Smashbox Studios to compete for a national ad campaign for Warriors in Pink. Each girl has to pose for Nigel as a different warrior symbol. They’re responsible for their own hair, makeup and styling, but with all the hair dressers, make-up artists and stylists on set, this mountain doesn’t seem too tall to climb. Jaclyn and Kasia perform well as “Courage” and “Heart,” respectively. Then it’s Brittani’s turn to tackle “Dove.” Nigel asks what she’s thinking about and she answers, “I don’t think when I look into the camera, I just do.” Whoops. “You can’t just ‘do’ passion, you have to be passionate,” he tells her. She weeps. Hannah poses as “Spiral” and we wish we understood Nigel’s critique: “It became much more about making a spiral than actually owning it in her eyes.” What? Mikaela doesn’t do much with her “War Paint” and Molly seems to do fine as “Angel Wings.” Alexandria appropriately poses as a tree for “Tree of Love.” Brittani and Molly knock her performance from the wings, but Nigel seems pleased.

Credit: Photo via Kasia Pilewicz's Facebook Photo: ANTM Ford Warriors Ad

And he is pleased. Alexandria wins the campaign ad and a 2012 Ford Focus. The other girls do nothing to hide their disdain. Brittani throws out a comment about Alexandria’s ugly soul, and then they get into an argument about which one of them is really the fake one. Brittani straight up yells, while Alexandria reacts with a quiet whisper. Nigel watches all of this unfold and clearly can’t wait to tell Tyra.

Psycho and Psychos: Miss J accompanies the models on a VIP tour of Universal Studios. When they get to the famous Psycho house, Miss J and Jay do a crazy interpretation of a scene from the Hitchcock film. We think they do this a.) Because they feel like it, and b.) Because the theme of the shoot is “Crazy For.” Crazy for shoes, crazy for hair, etc. Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman is the stylist, and Jaclyn is very excited by this. Molly is a little awkward modeling 15 tons of accessories. Brittani “does” giddiness for shoes, and jury’s out on whether or not she thinks giddiness, too. Hannah sounds truly crazy saying, “Bags and bags and bags!” during her shoot, and the performance gets the ol’ hot mess stamp from Jay. Jaclyn is convincingly crazy for makeup, and Kasia dares to be a different kind of crazy over hair. Alexandria screams for faux fur with some nudging from Jay, and Mikaela looks more confused by sales than crazy over them.

Credit: Miguel Starcevich/Pottle Productions Inc Photo: Hannah's Photo on ANTM April 6, 2011

Panel Gets Nutty: Hannah’s bag photo is fantastic, but Tyra warns her about keeping it together throughout the shoot: “It’s a dance, and you were off beat.” Catchy line! Molly’s decision to bite her ring made her accessories photo sensual and crazy. She pushed through the awkwardness. Nigel calls Jaclyn’s photo the best he’s seen of her. She’s evoking the Joker. Tyra wonders if Mikaela understood the assignment, as her craziest face for sales is only slightly loony. Kasia looks seriously nuts playing with her hair, and Alexandria’s photo is super high fashion, but not deranged.  

While Alexandria is still standing in front of panel, Nigel takes a moment to address the challenge incident, saying it was extremely unprofessional for Brittani to start yelling in front of the client. Brittani says he was upset because she knows the “real Alexandria,” and Alexandria starts to cry. Tyra talks about how important it is to keep your mouth shut and be a good sport. This is the woman who endured Naomi Campbell, okay? Brittani gets defensive and leaves the stage to have a panic attack. 

Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW ©2011 The CW Network Photo: Mikaela on ANTM April 6, 2011

“A Lot of Girls Think That the Opposite of Fake is Rudeness”: Brittani returns for her photo critique, and the reactions are sort of neutral. For all the jumping and screaming she did on set, it’s a pretty mellow picture, a softer kind of craziness. Deliberation this time around is really something else. The girls continue to alienate Alexandria backstage, as Tyra explains to her fellow judges that sometimes she does get outvoted, as was the case when Toccara was eliminated in Cycle 3. Andre, Nigel, and Eric want Brittani to stay, and the Queen Bee disagrees. What to do?      

Call-out Order: Jaclyn, Molly, Hannah, Kasia, and Alexandria. Brittani and Mikaela are in the bottom two.

The L.A. Story Ends For: Mikaela. Tyra says she was out-voted. Were this show a monarchy (ahem), Mikaela would still be here. She hands Brittani her photo and isn't sure what the model can do to redeem herself. Crazy night, literally. (We mean literally the way Jay always uses it.) And now we wonder if Brittani can ever overcome Tyra's disdain in the hope of becoming America's Next Top Model.