The ever fabulous Shangela Laquifa Wadley (aka, D.J. Pierce), who made it to Week 11 on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 after being eliminated first in Season 2, will once again be gracing the small screen with her presence on tonight's episode of NBC's cult-hit sitcom, Community.

The episode of the ever-quirky show is called "Advanced Gay," and revolves around the grouchy, semi-homophobic Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) discovering that his company's products, Hawthorne Wipes, have become an icon in the gay community thanks to a RuPaul-worthy internet video featuring a drag queen named Urbana Champaign.

We think you can guess where Shangela fits in.

Check out this behind the scenes video with Shangela to get more info on the role:

Credit: YouTube Photo: Community Behind the Scenes With Shangela

And here's a sneak peek of the episode, featuring Urbana Champaign in all her glory.

Credit: NBC Photo: Community Sneak Peek: Urbana Champaign on Season 3, Episode 6:

Check out the episode on Thursday, November 3 at 8/7c on NBC.

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