On last night’s America's Next Top Model (Cycle 18, Episode 4: “J. Alexander”), girl-next-door Kyle was the second modelstant in only four episodes to consider leaving the show before getting eliminated.

After the girls went through a tough consumer opinion panel — they’d filmed fake promotional commercials for fake ANTM products, and a “Futurist” asked regular Joes and Janes what their first impressions were of each model — many of the modelstants were miffed that the consumers liked Kyle so much despite her inability to string a sentence together.

Led by Eboni, everyone seemed to come after Kyle, until she just had to leave the room. In the hall, she began crying and saying somewhat definitively that she was going home.

Of course, Candace wound up getting eliminated after Kyle had a successful photo shoot and judges’ panel. But Candace didn’t go without getting in a jab at Kyle for not really wanting to be there.

We’re still on the fence — should Kyle have gone home like she threatened to do?

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