We love to watch the casting portion of the first episode of America's Next Top Model. It's where we see teenagers in stilettos and bikinis declare their love for Tyra and then tell the cameras to remember their faces because they will be America's Next Top Model #249. But say byebye to all of that. On Cycle 16, there will be no swimsuit runway walks in front of panel, no backstage brawls, nothing.

Cycle 16 starts off with the large group of girls arriving in L.A., hopping off the jet onto the airport's runway, and then using said airport runway as fashion runway to show Mr. and Miss J what they've got. And then the show cuts to all of the girls holding envelopes that hold their fates. If they open the envelope and there is a photo inside, they are safe. If there's a blank piece of paper inside, they're dunzo. But Tyra wanted to play a little prank and actually the 14 girls who had blank pieces of paper in their envelopes found out a few minutes later that they were the real winners. Confusing, right? A waste of time when they could have shown us all the fun that is casting, right? We thought so.

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