Britt-Britt was given absolution from Tyra for her sins against Alexandria , but the girl knows she still has to dazzle. Sometimes when things get tough, it helps to go on vacation. And it seems like Morocco is being good to Brittani.

Credit: Franca Sozzani/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Pottle Productions Inc. Photo: Brittani's Photo on ANTM April 27, 2011

Her final photo from Wednesday  (April 27, 2011) night's camel-in-the-desert shoot is awesome. Yeah, her right foot's a little awkwardly positioned, but the look in her eye and the angles she's created with that scarf are gorgeous. She's in total control. We also really like the simplicity of Alexandria's shot. It has a "Hey, that girl's standing on a camel" quality to it. But from the previews, it seems like Alexandria tried to direct the shoot once again. Why, Alex, why?

As far as the other girls go, we fear Kasia and Hannah might be in trouble. Kasia's body language is good, but the photo is a little less exciting than the others. Hannah, meanwhile, looks like she's trying to hold up her head with her right arm.

What do you think? Will Brittani score the first international win of Cycle 16?

Check out the pics here: