Credit: Rick Diamond/ Getty Images Photo: An LV Affair With Andre

As we previously reported, America's Next Top Model judge Andre Leon Talley loves his Ralph Rucci Samurai tunic-inspired capes, considering he wore one every single episode of Cycle 15. But the real reason he donned the high-fashion Snuggie every episode? Well, think of it as his version of an ultra-slimming little black dress.

"When I went on America's Next Top Model, I wasn't as thin as some people want me to be," Talley admitted. "So I said to Ralph Rucci, you've got to come up with a fabulous idea!"

As all girls know, swathing yourself in flowy fabric is one of the most effective ways to hide a few extra pounds. Consider that if you're stressing out about what to wear this New Year's Eve in light of some recently acquired holiday fluff. Although, we don't recommend wearing a Samurai tunic. Think more like a wrap or a scarf...

Source: DFW


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