Credit: Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images Photo: Tyra Banks Poses at the New York Stock Exchange on March 15, 2011

Has Prada started designing maternity clothes, yet? ANTM host and fashion guru, Tyra Banks, admitted in an interview with Piers Morgan yesterday that she and banker boyfriend John Utendahl might be trying for little model/banker babies.

They did just move in together in a swanky NYC pad, so the timing seems right, and we guess Ty-Ty's ready to settle down. "I definitely want babies," she told Piers. He, like the dutiful talk show host he is, of course pressed the subject and asked her if she was planning for wee ones soon, and she said yes. He followed up with asking whether the couple was "trying" and she said, "Yeah, maybe." Eek!

Can Andre Leon Talley style the christening and Nigel Barker take the nude mommy photos? He's already snapped pics of nude Tyra before, right?

But don't get your hopes up about the possibility of a supermodel wedding anytime soon. When Piers asked Tyra whether marriage is a requirement for baby-having, she replied, "I don't think it's necessarily necessary." Veeeery sneaky, Miss Tyra.

Does anyone else hear elopement bells? Or do you think Tyra's just suffering from a temporary bout of baby fever?

Source: Contact Music