Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images Photo: Tyra Banks' Earrings

Tyra Banks can always be relied upon for some uplifting, reassuring body image advice for young women. She dishes it out weekly on America’s Next Top Model, and her book Modelland can be seen as an allegory for why being different is a good thing.

So it’s no surprise that, traveling to Vietnam to do press for the country’s highly popular edition of ANTM, she came prepared with another nugget of wisdom:

“Tyra said a perfect body is necessary but not enough to be a model. She criticized models who abuse diet to get a beautiful body,” says Truoitrenews. “I like girls with natural and healthy beauty,” she said.

Cheers to Ty Ty for carrying the message to other countries. We still sometimes think that Tyra’s words of wisdom are the best part of another ANTM cycle.


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