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Tyra Banks has had some dramatic weight changes over the years, but right now the 38-year-old America's Next Top Model host is looking pretty good. She gave a press conference in Singapore for the launch of Asia’s Next Top Model and explained her latest figure change.

“I went on a health challenge with the crew of America's Next Top Model, and at the time I had a talk show,” Tyra said (via Daily Mail). They were filming in Brazil, she said, and realized they were really unhealthy and not working out, so they had a kind of contest to see who could get the healthiest the fastest.

“I'm very competitive, so what did I do? I ate so much for about three weeks, so that I could gain 10 pounds so that when we all weighed in, I could weigh a lot more and then lose it fast.” Crazy talk, Tyra! However, she added, “I won. I lost a lot of weight, but then I looked in the mirror and decided I'd lost too much. And so I've actually gained some back.” Do not try that at home, ladies!

Speaking of unhealthy things, Tyra said, “The fashion industry has always been obsessed with thin ...I fight every single day to try to expand that, and to try to show different types of beauty … Sometimes my girls will win America's Next Top Model, and then call me crying, saying they don't fit any of the clothes at Fashion Week, and so that's a challenge that we have. But it's what the Tyra Banks company stands for, it's what America's Next Top Model stands for ... is not having a cookie cutter.”

Check out the video of Tyra’s press conference for more, including her explanation of the Cycle 19 changes. She said her boss wanted drastic changes, including a new judging panel, and she initially disliked the idea of the public voting for models because she was worried viewers would only vote for “pretty” girls. But she trusts us now to look beyond the Barbie basics. Still, she wonders if viewers might get upset at having voted out some people based on their photos when we see their personalities on TV.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Tyra Banks Had Second Thoughts About ANTM Cycle 19’s Viewer Votes (VIDEO)

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SourceThe Daily Mail

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