Credit: Roshan Perera / Splash News Photo: Tyra Banks Out in Hollywood

The Tyra Banks Show may have gotten canned, but Ty-Ty isn't letting the website become cyberwaste. Banks will revamp her old talk show's website into a fashion and beauty online magazine called that will launch on March 15, 2011. The website is, of course, geared towards Tyra's never-ending crusade to promote diversity in the fashion industry. "We’re celebrating diversity with hair color, skin color, hair textures," she explains. "Every woman will see a reflection of themselves on this site." Except, apparently, white women.

But, if you think the website is going to be one of those ventures she lets her "people" take care of and maintain, Tyra says you've got her all wrong. "You’ll see a very strong connection with me on the site," she insists. As for what the "F" in typeF stands for? What else? FIERCE.

"I connect to fierce — that’s what it means to me," Tyra dishes. "But it allows for women to define themselves. It can mean fashionable, fashion-forward, feisty." So basically, it means nothing. And everything. All at once. Great.

Check out the in-progress site to pre-register for freebies like a trip for two to New York with a $5,000 shopping spree, or an iPod touch.

Source: People


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