Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Photo: Gallery: Tyra Banks at the Premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Tyra’s all about breeding independent women, but she showed up to the New York premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps hand-in-hand with longtime boyfriend (who just so happens to be a banker), John Utendahl. She usually keeps him well-shielded from paparazzi lenses, but made an exception for the Wall Street flick. The America's Next Top Model host stayed pretty low-key herself, ditching high fashion and face-full of runway make-up for a conservative skirt suit, a little cleavage, and a clean, fresh face. The two were rumored to be engaged last year, but Tyra quickly resorted to Twitter to snuff out the gossip, and, from the looks of the premiere, Utendahl has yet to put a ring on it. We guess he’s not ready to be Mr. Tyra, yet, but boy is he know, for a 50-year-old banker.

Source: E! Online