Credit: Courtesy of The CW Photo: Alexandra on the Runway in Cycle 14, Episode 2
The season began with the “My Fierce” profile pages of 20 starry-eyed girls, all desperate for Tyra to accept their friend requests. The season ended with Krista White, a 26-year-old from Arkansas, initially wary of her “edgy” makeover. But as the old saying goes, where there is a removable ponytail, there is a modeling contract.

Credit: Courtesy of The CW Photo: Krista Prepares for Her Photo Shoot in Cycle 14, Episode 3
Then there was the middle. The girls met with obnoxious Perez Hilton in New York City. The girls avoided a swinging pendulum while walking the runway. The girls wore white contact lenses that temporarily blinded them. The girls did improv comedy in front of strangers. The girls went to New Zealand. The girls read Tyra Mail and screamed. Every time.   

Credit: Martina Monica Tolot/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved Photo: André at the New Zealand House in Cycle 14, Episode 10
Miss J taught the girls how to walk and remove a coat simultaneously. Mr. Jay instructed them on awkward dancing. Andre Talley Leon coined the catchphrase “dreckitude.” Alasia was always late. Angelea was always abrasive. Nadua escaped a religious cult. Jessica threw a wet rag on an electrical fire she started with a taco. A nation cheered.